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Introducing the next phase in fitness training

Welcome to New Legacy Fitness


No perfect people are allowed here.

That statement might seem a bit odd to put on a fitness site, but let me assure you of one thing:  no one is perfect and this site is for those who find themselves in a health situation that is less than perfect.

This site isn’t for those who have the perfect body.  This site isn’t for those who have an attitude that will allow others to be put down.

This site IS for those who want some help.  It’s for those who have a busy life and have allowed their loving focus on others take over their focus on their own health.

This site is a partnership that is here to let you know we all have struggles, we all can do better and we are all in this together.   We need to leave a health legacy so that we can be around to be active participants in the lives of our children.


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