Briggs Protocol Volume 1

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January 1
  • Total group accountability
  • Nutritional support and macro guidelines
  • Downloadable eBook
  • Zoom calls for support and training
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This is the total accountability program you’ve been waiting for!

I’m a U.S. Army Veteran, having served a total of 5 years in the Military Police Corps. In the civilian market, I served 18 years as a Police Officer, working all 18 in Patrol, with 8 years dual service as a SWAT Operator. Additional responsibilities during my Law Enforcement career were as a Firearms Instructor & Range Safety Officer.

I retired from the Champaign Police Department (IL) in 2009. Since retiring, I have been working full-time in the fitness industry in the capacity of a Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, & MMA Strength and Conditioning Coach. I was also a cast member in several in-home DVD workout programs sold by a large fitness company based out of California. I’ve toured the globe bringing fitness to our Military troops in Europe, Japan, and throughout the United States.

To add to my training experience, in July 2017, I assumed the position of Lead Law Enforcement/Tactical Trainer for Brute Force Training, based out of Colorado.​

I’ve created a total accountability program that includes a private Facebook group, nutritional protocols, and a strength training program that will allow you to experience muscle growth like you’ve never experienced and fat loss that has eluded you throughout the past workouts that you’ve done.  This total accountability program covers strength training, nutrition, and cardio to give you a workout that will change the way you look at exercise and seek to make beneficial changes in your life.

Why does it work so well?

The Briggs Protocol total accountability program relies upon simple concepts that will push your results to the next level:

  • Total Accountability – all members will be included in a private Facebook group where there will be motivational videos and posts from me, posts from others in the group, and posts from guest commentators that will help you to adhere to a schedule that you’ll follow.  No one slips through the cracks, as everyone is there to help each other.  You’ll be guided through the nutritional questions that people have and there will be Zoom calls where we cover questions regarding anything fitness/nutrition related.
  • Total Pounds Lifted (TPL) – too often people rely upon weight loss and waist measurements to see progress.  This program uses those methods as well, but that’s not all.  Each workout will have a Total Pounds Lifted calculation that we will measure over time to show percentage of strength improvement.  Scientific studies have shown that increasing the intensity of the workout by continually striving to improve the Total Pounds Lifted will result in greater strength gains than just increasing the volume (number) of reps.  (¹)
  • Time Under Tension – weeks 2-4 begin the implementation of the Time Under Tension sets of the workout.  During that time, you’ll use a cadence of 5 seconds on the down part of the rep and 1 second to the top of the rep.  Scientific studies have shown that Time Under Tension is helpful in building strength vs traditional 1 count cadence. (²)
  • Macronutrient guidelines – if your goal is massive strength gain, I’ve got a macro guideline for you.  If your goal is strength gain with fat loss, I’ve got a macro guideline for you as well.
  • Spotify playlist – you’ll also get access to my Spotify playlist to use when doing the workouts.  Workouts are better when you can use music to give you a boost!

How much does it cost?

$25 paid via the link at the bottom of the page (will direct you to Paypal) gets you access to the private Facebook group where you can download all of the materials (including the Briggs Protocol eBook) and access to the Spotify playlist.

Additionally, $2.50 of each purchase will be donated to the

How do I get started?

First, pay via the buttons on the page.  Then, request to join the Facebook group here:


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²  Burd, Nicholas A, et al. “Muscle time under tension during resistance exercise stimulates differential muscle protein sub-Fractional synthetic responses in men.” The Journal of Physiology, Blackwell Science Inc, 15 Jan. 2012, Accessed 27 Sept. 2017.

What will you need for this workout?

You’ll need dumbbells, a weight bench or exercise ball, and a work ethic that works for results as much as possible.