Learn to Effectively Tell Your Story

Join the only training that will teach you how to tell your story and how to market it like a true professional…and the only one that has proven results.

This course is the first in the series and is based soundly on the principles outlined in “Go Pro” by Eric Worre.


Week 1 – Your why and starting the My Story video
Week 2 – Finish My Story video and sharing tool site with health survey
Week 3 – Start first sales cycle based on Go Pro principles
Week 4 – Finish first sales cycle
Week 5 – Texting sales cycle, challenge groups and recipe sharing tool
Week 6 – Customer care and coach recruiting cycle

In addition, coaches who are mentoring their coaches through this training will get a special leadership planner and leadership training.

How much does it cost?

The cost breaks down to ZERO cents per day for total accountability, daily lessons that focus on getting you results, all digital handouts created for the training system, and a proven system that you can use with your team.  If you hit the average earnings of the people above, then this is one of the best investments you can make.

Note about results:

As per compliance’s request concerning any kind of earnings, I must include this: Results are gathered from exit surveys using Survey Monkey from AD training graduates only. Accelerated Diamond Trainings are not sponsored by Beachbody corporate. It is important to note that Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill. See our Statement of Independent Coach Earnings located in the Coach Online Office for the most recent information on our Coaches’ actual incomes. In addition, here’s a link to the Statement of Independent Coach Earnings:

A Note About Accountability

If you decide to take this course, you are expected to put forth 100% effort.  If you don’t post each day and post your tracker on the accountability days within the grace period allowed, you’ll be asked to join a group behind.  We are here to help those who are here to help themselves.  This is a free training, but don’t treat it that way.

402% Increase in Team Volume?

That’s what happens when you get your team involved.  The AD training system was never meant to be a course that just one person on the team would take.  It was meant for a coach to take it with some people on the team and then each of those people would lead their people through it.

Andy Johnson is a prime example of this.  He went through the course, then he guided three of his coaches through it.  The result:  402% increase in team volume.

What will I create?

At the end of the first two weeks of training, you’ll create a page similar to this: .  That page will serve as our third party sharing tool.  People will watch your video about your story and then take the health survey.  Then, you simply use the scripting methodology and tracking methodology that you’ll learn in AD1 to convert the prospect to a customer.  It’s a simple, yet very effective process.


"This training is that missing link between just having a coaching hobby to having a successful, thriving business! It's proven methods and results speak for themselves!"

~ Charline Bucher

"This is a training for people who want to actually take action with something that is proven to work. If you're looking at the training as a way to just collect knowledge, then move on. If you're ready to show up each day, learn a ton and actually apply it, then the sky is the limit with what you can do."

~ Mark Briggs

Truly become a professional

The AD1 curriculum is paired with the WhoKnowsAGuy Fitness websites.  Why?  Simple reason:  professionalism.  Ever tried to send a video from the back office?  If your prospect is on an Apple device, forget it.  They don’t work.  Here’s how it would have to play out:

Step 1:  Send a youtube video of the workout.
Step 2:  Hopefully get a response back.
Step 3:  Send a youtube video of Shakeology.
Step 4:  Hopefully get a response back.
Step 5:  Send a very long sales link and, sometimes, have the person just go to Amazon or Beachbody corporate website to purchase.

Here’s how that plays out in AD1:
Step 1:  Send prospect to your WKAGF My Story page (example is at

There’s only step one.  When you use the platform we use, everything is contained in one professional link that effectively shares your story, shares 3rd party tools and shares the sales link.  Best part?  It works on all platforms (mobile, desktop, Apple, etc).

Combine this with the professionalism taught using Go Pro strategies and this is one of the most powerful courses to start off a new coach or re-energize an established coach.

Important to note:  The sites come with a 30 day free trial that will last through the training.  If you decide to keep the site after that, the cost is $29.99 per month.

Meet your training mentors

Jim Rumps – Jim created the original AD1 program back in 2013 and has gone on to refine it and also create the AD 402/Rising Stars program.  In fact, those programs were created using the lessons learned from his B.S. in English Education from Illinois State University and his Master of Arts in Teaching and Leadership degree from St. Xavier University.  Thanks to ever-changing curriculum demands from the state of Illinois, he also has a great deal of experience writing and creating curriculum.  Teaching is his passion and his actual full-time job.  In addition to being a star diamond Team Beachbody coach, he’s an English teacher at Normal Community West High School.


Kristen Alexander—she went from an emerald to a 1 star diamond using the training system and has been a team leader for Team Super Stars.