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Finish, Finish, Finish

This video from ET really hits home.  How many times have I started something and then gotten off track?  Too many to count.

When have I had the best results with anything I’ve done?  When I’ve stuck it out to the end.  Check out this video – it’ll get you fired up to finish in a quick heartbeat:

Quitting becomes a habit.  Like ET said, you don’t have to finish it absolute glory, you just have to finish.

If you’ve quit many times before, finish.

Let’s break it down to simple steps:  if you are starting a 90 day program, just take it 30 days at a time.  Finish 30 days and then start on the next 30 until you finish the goal you set out to finish.

If you’ve found yourself getting off track after just a couple of days, then make it a goal to finish one week.

Just finish.

Here’s how simple it can be – perhaps you’ve thought about sharing posts like this before, but you stop before you do.  Just finish and hit the share button below.  🙂