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This is big.  This is huge.  And it happens in the last two minutes of the following video…but you need to watch the first five to get the point that E.T. is trying to make.

I’ll admit that when I saw the title of this one, I was thinking that it was going to either be pretty lame or something that I’ve heard before.

I’ll admit that I was wrong.  He brings out a couple of very important lessons for us to take to #OutworkTheOldYou:

Acknowledge the losses

Now, this is an area that I used to be great at avoiding.  The reality is that we have to change our mindset on losing.  Instead of brushing a loss aside, we must confront it.  If we can confront it, we can work to change it.  Acknowledge that something didn’t work out the way that you expected it to.

Take Ownership

It’s almost like he’s reading from the playbook of my past mistakes!  Sometimes things go wrong.  It’s inevitable.  After we admit that something went wrong, we often then take the next step of finding someone to blame or lessen our own blame.  Instead, E.T. is asking us to admit the mistake and take ownership of our part in that mistake.  For me, that means overcoming my personal pride and admitting that I was wrong.  Just ask my wife (my very patient and very beautiful wife) how hard this one is for me.

Take Action

Now we are speaking a topic that I like.  Take action.  Control what you can control.  We often fall into the trap of thinking of how others can take action to change themselves.  All that does is prevent us from taking the action that we need to truly take.  Change can only come when we decide that changes needs to happen within ourselves.

So, the overall point is that to truly get over any kind of losing streak you are own, you can take the simple steps above to #OutworkTheOldYou

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